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assess real estate and workplace needs

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Growing your workforce? Moving offices?

Don't overestimate real estate costs. Collect data on how your office is used

Quantified Decisions

Empowering Facilities Management, Real Estate, and Workplace Teams

  • Find overused and underused areas in your office
  • Quantify the daily cycle of your workspace

Space Utilization

Quantify how often your teams are at their desks

Our beta users have seen that only 60% of desk space is utilized throughout the workday

  • Correlate with GitHub activity to find if the engineering team pushes the most code in the office or at home
  • Understand when to plan cross-team meetings


Ideas spread when people talk

Interactions between employees promotes innovation, happiness, and satisfaction. Keep track of where, when, how often, and for how long employees are interacting

  • Quantify the social capacity of your workplace
  • Compare layout changes to understand how to keep ideas moving around the office
  • Understand where noise zones accumulate, so you can plan desk layouts

Use Cases

Our clients do some pretty unique things with our tools

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Learn how Stanford's Computer Science department uses Smartspace to understand how people flow through their software fair demo days

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